by Pushovrs

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art by Jon Bonner
words & music by Steve Fuggi


released June 21, 2016

love songs of a 22-23 year old



all rights reserved


Pushovrs Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Honeysuckle Breeze
hometown friday parade
with the dice that's rolling away
try to dismiss
the old antagonist
drive down the boulevard
where the kids are handing out their cards
she's on my mind
and she don't mind

i feel the air on my fingertips
as i dream of your dancing hips
does my wind blow through your window too?

back in the born and raised
my steps feel overtraded
come on nathan
come on let's go
strap on the phony face as i
keep turning the page
he's back in time
but he'll be back sometime

i ride along suburban streets
feeling incomplete
when will i be your honeysuckle breeze?
Track Name: Baby
baby baby can't you see
you are the only one for me
when i hold you in my arms girl
you make me feel like i'm in charge girl

oh yea and i try to let you know
it's just how i feel when i go to the show
and i try to let you see
all that i want
all that i need
all that you could do for me
Track Name: Hyde Park
my head's all there when walking down the road
my friends are here and walking real slow
"i bought yellow sunglasses for you"
she says, i like the color of them too
away from busy street lights of the town
our shoes are wet from crawling on the ground
can you smell all the roses gone away?
i feel much younger here with you today

into this park we will soon fall apart
into this park we will soon fall apart
when we're walking through the grass into hyde park
Track Name: Agnes
it was london where i found you
sitting at the piano with two
two hands and a soul so able
playing for those italian tables
i was counting down the time
while keeping the beat to your rhymes
your touch brought me back that day
as it did when i heard you say
you said, "the way you write is fine
cause i can see into your mind
who you are and where you wanna go"
but i'm staying by your side if you don't mind

oh my lithuania carousel
you know me better than i know myself
how can i stop this feeling?
this feeling that i'm leaving
and i'm never coming back to you
is the thought that's got me singing to
singing to you my agnes
my lithuanian princess

where to on this lovely night?
you can lead us toward the light
or down by the river thames
i have nothing to lose and all to gain
i got school in the morning
but it's not gonna stop me from learning
every little thing that creates
someone from the pearly gates
how come out of all the people
you chose me as an equal
one worthy of your history
i hope i'm not a mystery to you tonight

oh my lithuania carousel
you know me better than i know myself
how can i stop this feeling?
this feeling that i'm leaving
and i'm never coming back to you
is the thought that's got me singing to
singing to you my agnes
my lithuanian princess

someday when you're ready for
a time for me on the first floor
i will tell you of the dreams of my
psychedelic little confines
but now the captain's calling
even though i could be falling
quiet strangers can't help but feel
my solitude that you conceal
glass doors shut in between us
as the underground cracks a cold gust
stealing every piece of happiness
that i found in a girl named agnes
Track Name: Girl
you you're something different
when i use my voice you listen
but now i can't be free
now i can't be free
remember when you asked me to
explain myself for you?
we were sitting outside the bar
i didn't know where to start
and when i tried to withdraw
your toes dug in like lion claws
and then walked away like all the rest
this is why i'm such a mess

now i'm looking all over
the bodies keep getting closer
like frankie teardrop
i feel just like a madman
until i feel the warmth of you hand
and everything seems alright tonight
Track Name: Make It Be
why do you talk to me?
what makes you wanna see
the devil in my mind is quivering in time
because of you
so take me to your new house
everything will work out
we're spinning all around and i'm falling down
and i'm with you

sometimes i can't take the pain
it's easy to blame when you're alone
somehow we can make it be
you're always free when you're with me

even in the cold days
when i can't feel my face
your big brown eyes are linking with mine
and it feels good
you take me by the hand
you show me how to dance
we're spinning all around and i'm falling down
and i'm with you
Track Name: Main Man
today i woke inside your arms
we shared a kiss in front of your family
as if we were together, free
free from anxiety
the road between
dreams they can deceive
i'm gonna make you my wife one day

i remember that moment when
when i was yours & you were mine
it happened all in my mind
take off your shoes
and walk through the rocky stream
the water you feel warms with time
just like your body against mine
and even if you wanna hold my hand
i'll be your main man

i'm gonna make my dreams into reality
i've got the courage to let you see
Track Name: Wknd Bendas
i've got to admit
i'm not feeling so hot
when you love your loneliness
to much to stop
oh i tried
i tried
i won't do it again

roller coasters ain't fun
roller coasters ain't fun no more
weekend benders don't mend
weekend benders don't mend no more

oh i tried
i tried
i can't kick it
kids don't make plans
in the sinking sun
too easy to hide
too easy to run
when you got nothing
nothing to run from
Track Name: Fossils
your uncle sees how you begin the day
a little baby what he thinks but he won't say
the father warns you're getting way too old
i wanna stay outside in the cold

listen to the sound
it gives me strength you know
to do what i want
with what i own
sunday morning
rise and shine
in a slumber
you can find
all that you need to know
i'm never off the go
cause my best friend writes a poem
kat don't settle for no one
takes a man and a lady
to motivate me
here in the nature backyard
you'll find time to get away
dig in deep to find the soul
break the ice cure the mold
open up your treasure chest
a gift to be so bold
and when the thought of the others dies
the fossils come alive
Track Name: White Cigarettes
baby it's been too long
i'll travel cross country
to your doorstep
just to see if you're doing alright

i'll bring a couple white cigarettes
and ask you what you think of life
tell me what brings ya
to leave a fire in my window light?
turn on the car motor
play a little diddy on the drive
when i'm gone baby don't you know
you couldn't leave me if i tried
i like when your act is dry
i can't cut corners and deny
your soul keeps sticking
like a sarcastic tongue in time
i won the battle
but the war ain't over
hide my puzzle pieces
until we get much older

translucent skin
you glow within
you glow within
don't leave me be
you are the key
to set me free

translucent skin
how will i know
how far to go
don't leave me be
you are the key
to set me free
set me free...